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Welcome to the BATS Program!
BATS brings art to the students. Art changes children's lives.

The world is more visual today than ever and students need to "read and write" visually to understand and to be understood. Art skills are essential for personal and future career success. The BATS organization accomplishes these goals with more than 100 volunteers who teach art to Kindergarten through fifth grades in South Lake Tahoe public schools. The BATS commitment to students includes instruction in art history, producing hands-on art projects and field trips to art exhibits in galleries. The BATS program purchases art supplies and bus transportation to galleries for approximately 1,800 students each year.

Do kids love and need art?

Kindergarten through Second Grade




Third through Fifth Graders

Volunteer Training — Fall 2014

Student Art Supports the Community
• Courthouse
• El Dorado Community Library

BATS Director: Krystal Long 530-414-1348 • krystalmlong(at)gmail(dot)com

Webmaster: Penny Shrawder: 530-307-2797

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