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Clickon your school to see the Portfolio Rotation Dates:

2011-2012 Master Porfolio List (PDF file)


View the LTUSD website for calendar and news of school events, activities, closures, etc.: Click:

Check your school's calendar for openings for your grade level

Confirm date and time with your teacher
* Always try for 2 hours – 1 to1 1/2 o.k. for younger grades

Mark calendar as soon as teacher confirms

Include art medium to be used as soon as you know your project
* This reserves those art supplies for you that day at that time
* It also lets others of the same grade level know that someone is already doing watercolor, they will hopefully choose another project/medium to use with their class

Please write morning class appointments at the top half of the
date box, afternoon appointments in the lower half This really helps in scheduling

The calendar, in pencil, should have the following information: Teacher's name, time, grade level, portfolio letter, medium, volunteers name and phone number

Example: Mrs. Jones 1-3 pm 3rd grade - port. C
oil pastel/black paper  Kathy Smith 577-8666

It is okay to schedule presentations for minimum days, but teachers don't usually have time on shorter days.
*Please call to remind your teacher the day before scheduled class.


Penny Fairfield, Interim Director • 530-544-2313, Art Center, Tahoe Art League
BATS is a Tahoe Art League program, a non-profit organization
3062 Lake Tahoe Blvd. • South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 •