Grade 4
Pop Art

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Pop Art

Click on the posters below of interest and it will link you to the lesson page. On that page you can download a PDF file of that lesson.


Duane Hanson:


Roy Lichtenstein:

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruuggen

James Rosenquist:

Andy Warhol:


Art Project Samples:

Click to download PDF of art projects


Art Instructions:

For the Andy Warhol style art:
•Watercolor paper

• Have students choose a product container, or draw the Campbell’s soup can from the poster.
• Draw the design in pencil then go over it with a marker, or start
with the marker, if they are confident.
Choose watercolor to paint the design, or markers to stipple (dots)
to fill in the color, like Lichtenstein.

Art Instructions:

For the Roy Lichtenstein style art:

• Paper
• Crayons
• Markers

Using the idea of basic shapes, create a picture with lots of repetition. Use stippling (dots) to fill in areas, or any pattern of crayon/marker strokes to create a painting.


This is Rosenquist's Artwork

Art Instructions:

• Magazines
• Glue
• Paper to glue pictures on to.

• Based on Rosenquist, have students cut out magazine photos or art that will create a picture with a message. Have them think of something that they want to “Say” to the viewer. Something they believe in, or something they love, etc.