Grade K

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Léon Bellefleur:


Auguste Herbin:

Wassily Kandinsky:

Paul Klee:

Ida Kohlmeyer:


Art Project Samples:

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Art Instructions:

• Paper on which to glue and draw.
• Fat yarn
• Construction paper
• Markers

• Draw a square for each child.
• Have children draw shapes around the edges.
• Give each child yarm that has been cut into short lengths.
• Place a layer of glue inside the box area and have children fill the space with yarn.
• Cut construction paper into shapes that they can glue onto their picture.

Art Instructions:

• Watercolor paper or heavy paper
• Markers

Following the poster, have children recreate the image asking them to choose their own colors.

Art Instructions:

• Construction paper for background. Choose a complementary color** to the color range of objects taht will be placed on top:
(**opposite colors on the color wheel. Red:Green or Blue:Orange or Yellow:Purple — This example has a Green background and Red tones on top. This will make dramatic effects.)

• Precut shapes for the students in a variety of colors, maybe a theme for the season, or just random shapes.
• Pile the shapes on the tables where children can select what catches
their attention.
• Glue and place on the paper.