Grade 2

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People at Work

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Romare Bearden:


George Wesley Bellows:

Charles E. Burchfield:

Francesco Guardi:

Gene Steffen:


Art Project Samples:

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Art Instructions:

• Watercolor paper
• Watercolors


• Have children draw a cityscape with a black crayon.
• Paint the picture.

Art Instructions:

• Construction Paper for background
• Paint

Note: I personally have not seen this process, so I am going to make an artistic guess.... if anyone knows exactly, please let me know and I will update the file: Thank you.
• Have children cut out building shapes (they can share, too)
• Place the buildings on top of the construction paper
• Fill spray bottles with poster paints mixed just thin enough to spray.
• Spray over the building shapes, which when the buildings are lifted, the sprayed area will look like a starry background behind the
• Using crayons, draw in the windows and other building details.

Art Instructions:

• Black construction paper for the background, or other colors for daylight.
• Construction paper for building and windows and doors.
• Glue
• Glitter glue (optional: for sky)


• Have children cut shapes to create buildings, and even domes for the top, as in this example.
• Next, have them cut out window casings, like the yellow ones in this sample, if they wish to do so.
• Glue buildings and windows onto the background.
• To give the effect of glass windows, especially in night scenes, have children cut out windows using foil, or other shiny paper. Glue in place.
• Draw glitter glue lines in the night sky for the stars and add a moon.