Grade 4
Collage and Assemblage

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Collage and Assemblage

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John Baldessari:

Georges Braque:

Henri Matisse:

Louise Nevelson:

Robert Rauschenberg:

Art Project Samples:

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Art Instructions:


• Paper strong enough to hold paint.
• Opaque paints: Poster or acrylic, etc.
• Crayons
• Construction paper in different colors

NOTE: This example used the color concept of
Complementary Colors (Orange and Blue) as they are opposite on the color wheel. Whenever a painting dominates with complementary colors, it brings a very strong energy to the painting. The colors appear more intense, almost an overexcited edge. Other complementaries are: Red & Green, and Yellow & Purple

• Have children choose several colors and paint the background paper.
• Ask them to cut shapes from the colored paper as they desire.
• Paint or color, dribble or splat.
• Layer and glue until the student feels it is complete.


Art Instructions:


• Construction paper for background
• Construction paper in variety of colors for collage
• Found objects, sponge shapes, cotton balls, sequins
wood, fabric, feathers, be creative!
• Glue


• Have children assemble large areas of color paper,
• Glue onto background paper.
• Next, have children decide if they want Monochromatic color scheme for each area as this example shows: White objects on white paper, Red objects on red paper. Or how about complementaries? Orange and Blue on the blue paper, Black and white on the white, Red and green on the red, etc.