Grade 5
Still Lifes

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Still Lifes

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Ralph Goings:

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If one of you could send photos of some Still Life art projects,
I will updated this portfolio.
Thank you. Penny Shrawder:

Still Life Art Project

Bring items from home, or use items located in the classroom to set up Still Lifes. Unless the Still Life props are big enough for the whole class to view and draw/paint from, set up multiple Still Lifes around the room, so that students can see them well.

Choose items such as the following:

Stuffed Animals
Sports Items
Old shoes or boots are very popular
Fabric to lay on the table or bunch up or weave through the items
Anything with odd shapes—garages often have cool items
Found objects
Tree branches
Drift Wood
Large sea shells

Project ideas:
• You can even have different themes around the room and let the children choose which Still Life they would like to draw or paint.

• You can have them rotate half way through so they get to draw/paint from two different Still Lifes.

Supplies for children:
• Paper for dry media
• Pencils
• Crayons, Pastels, Oil Pastels

Here is a quick lesson in Composition