Grade 3
Abstract Art

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Abstract Art

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Stuart Davis:

Charles Demuth:

Arthur Dove:

Marisol Escobar:


Marsden Hartley:

Art Project Samples:

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Painting an Arthur Dove’s Foghorns painting:
• Fabric or wall paper books, or anything printed with
fun pattens. You might want to precut a bunch of various-sized circles, or have the children cut them, if they are capable.
• Watercolor paper
• Watercolors, brushes, water containers
• Glue

• Have children loosely paint a background of a stormy
day with fog or rain.
• Offer cut circles of material/wall paper, or have children
cut the circles, by drawing circles on the back and then cutting.
• Stack and then glue.


• White paper for coloring
• Oil pastels or crayons
• Prior to class, cut a variety of templates out of
card stock or cardboard.: stars, hearts, 4-leaf clovers, etc.

• Group children to share templates. Ask them to trace them on their drawing paper, be sure to overlap the shapes.
• Have children use oil pastels to color in the shapes in creative ways.



• White paper appropriate for paints
• Newspaper to cover all the tables
• Opaque paints of your choice: eg: poster paints, acrylics
• If they are in bottles that have a narrow tip, children can drizzle paints directly from bottles. If not, then place paints in small cups (thin if needed).
• Brushes

• Group into four children per area to share paints.
• Have them drizzle, blop, splatter paint a la Jackson Pollock.