Children Together

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Children Together

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Napoléon Bourassa:

Mary Cassatt:

Théophile Hamel:

Louise Scott:


Miyuki Tanobe:

Art Project Samples:

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• Construction paper
• Crayons
• Precut kites in various colors, before class
• Pre-draw and cut earths in blue paper
• Glue sticks, or glue

• • Have children glue the worlds onto their paper, with your help.
• Children can draw and color children around the world depicting different cultures.
• Glue kites around the edges.


• White paper
• Crayons or markers
• Black marker, or colored markers
• Construction paper for backing, or mat effect.

• Have children draw one or two clotheslines with their markers.
• Have them draw their favorite clothes on the line.
• Remind them to add some clothespins to make it look real.
• Children can then color the clothes with their favorite colors.

• White paper appropriate for paints
• Paints and crayons
• Precut boys and girls prior to class
• Precut kites prior to class
• Yellow and brown yarn for hair and sun

• Have children paint the background
• Let it dry
• Have children glue the cut-out children on the paper
• Glue on kites and yarn for the kite string
• Glue on the sun
• Color in the children.