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BATS Scrapbook

The BATS program continually adds new forms of art and art lessons. Enjoy viewing the exciting projects we have added to our curriculum.

Children love the BATS program!

Visiting Artists Open New Expressions of Creativity for Children

Children are so Proud of Their Art Showing
in the Annual Year-End Art Exhibit!

The Haldan Gallery Field Trips allows Children to view Fine Art

Fabric Self-Portraits

In addition to our extensive 2-D art programs and projects, three guest artists brought 3-D projects to the classrooms. Lynne Brosch helped the children create soft-formed fabric self-portraits.

Ann Thennes challenged the students to create interesting mobiles with bits of this and that!

Visiting artist Molly Mason engaged the students in forming clay objects.

Volunteer Liv Seemann presented a lesson on portraiture. Students used small mirrors to study their faces then drew self-portraits and painted their drawings with watercolors.

Mexican Tin Art
Guest artist, Natalie Johnson led the children in creating Mexican Tin Art. The finished project hangs in the El Dorado County Courthouse as part of their permanent art collection.

The finished Mexican Tin Art wall hanging:

Nutrition through Art
Visiting artist Kit Night encouraged the class to learn about healthy eating. They created colorful pictures of smoothies and bowls of fruit for nutritious snacking.

Annual Student Art Show
In the spring, each school prepares and hangs the Student Art Show. Pictures are on display during Open House. The children’s artistic creations are enjoyed by families and friends for just that one night and then are taken home. Here are some photos from that event.

Haldan Art Gallery
Field trips to the Haldan Art Gallery on the campus of the Lake Tahoe Community College are an important part of the BATS program. For some children, this may be their only exposure to art in a professional gallery.


Angora Fire Photography
The pictures below were part of a photography exhibit that featured dramatic images of the forest fire that destroyed homes and forests in our community.

Sun Prints
In addition to viewing the photographs, the children made “Sun Prints”.

Another component of the field trip involved the use of disposable cameras. The children took photographs of scenes on the college campus. The snapshots were combined in a montage and given to each class.

BATS sponsored another excursion to the Haldan Gallery for the children to view an exhibit by six Bay Area print makers. They learned about the process of making prints then created their own prints using rubber stamps. They learned printmaking takes an image, paint, paper and pressure, the key component. They were amused when told that one of the artists made an image of a steamroller then used that very machine to apply the pressure to make the print!


Mural at Bijou School
The Bijou School mural was created by youth and student artists in the group, Sphere of Influence, under the leadership of Matt Kauffmann. The vivid image brightens the side of a temporary classroom. Elementary school students helped paint the mural and incorporated their handprints into the colorful piece.

Join the BATS Program today!

If you would like to participate as a volunteer art presenter in the BATS program, you will be joining a dedicated corps of about 100 other volunteers. BATS provides training and mentoring for new volunteers.

We visit our classroom five times during the school year. Using a grade specific portfolio, we present five fine art prints based on a theme. Following a discussion of the prints, the volunteer leads the children in an art project related to the theme. The portfolios all contain examples of fun art projects that have been successfully completed in the past.

If you want to be a part of BATS, please click on the Navigation Bar “Volunteers."

Photos from our fun, hands-on training!

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