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BATS Director
We are proud to announce our new BATS Director, Krystal Long!

Krystal Long (530) 414-1348 • krystalmlong(at)gmail(dot)com

Lead Volunteers:

Lake Tahoe's 1800 Elementary School students have an art program because of our volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up with the appropriate Lead Volunteer listed below.

BIJOU ELEMENTARY  (530) 543-2350
3501 Spruce Ave
SLT, CA 96150
Principal - Cindy Martinez
Lead Volunteer:
Shannon Young
(530) 577-5419 yoshannon(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

943 Tahoe Island Dr.
SLT, CA 96150
Principal - Christina Grubbs
Lead Volunteer:
Sally Thiele (530) 541-4195 sallythiele(at)aol(dot)com


Pioneer Trail & High Meadows Trail
SLT, CA 96150
Principal – Ryan Galles
Lead Volunteer:
Michelle Gomez (530) 320-9977

MAGNET SCHOOL  (530) 543-2371

1095 San Bernardino Ave.
SLT, CA 96150
Principal - Joel Dameral
Lead Volunteer:

Annaleigh Novak (818) 645-77331 tahoeanna(at)gmail(dot)com

NEW! Master Contact Roster

Master Contact Roster 2015-16

Portfolios Content and Rotation Schedule

Complete Portfolio List of Art Courses (PDF file: 1 page)

Master Portfolio Rotation Schedule 2015-2016 - All Schools

Schedule an Art Class

View the LTUSD website for calendar and news of school events, activities, closures, etc.: Click:

Check your school's calendar for openings for your grade level.

Contact your teacher to select a mutually convenient day and time for your presentation. Do not schedule your visit in the last two days prior to the portfolio rotation because the portfolios must be available to move to the next school. Allow 1-½ to 2 hours for the lesson. Provide the teacher with your contact information in case the art lesson must be rescheduled for any reason. Confirm your visit a few days before you arrive.

Mark the school's calendar as soon as the teacher confirms:

  • Please write morning class appointments at the top half of the
    date box, afternoon appointments in the lower half.
  • Include the following information: Teacher's name, time, grade level, portfolio letter, medium, volunteers name and phone number.
    Example: Mrs. Jones 1-3 pm 3rd grade - Port. C
    oil pastel/black paper  Kathy Smith 577-8666
  • Note: It is okay to schedule presentations for minimum days, but teachers don't usually have time on shorter days.

Remind your teacher the day before scheduled class.

The teacher MUST remain in the classroom during your presentation for legal reasons.

The art lesson format:

  1. Group discussion: Start with a 15- to 30-minute group discussion (like story time) studying five significant art prints of a specific theme of famous Masters' art.  By using the 18” x 24” full color reproduction art prints and through careful observation, questioning strategies, comparisons, and related art productions activities, students participate in learning that leads to a higher level of understanding and appreciation of art.
  2. Demonstration: Provide a 10- to 15-minute demonstration of the art project that relates to the prints.
  3. Hands-on Art Project: Allow enough time for the students to fully develop and complete the project.
    Click to view full instructions for Art Project and steps to take after the project is complete.
  4. Clean up.

California Art Standards

Click to access their website: California Art Standards

BATS Director: Krystal Long 530-414-1348 • krystalmlong(at)gmail(dot)com

Webmaster: Penny Shrawder: 530-307-2797

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